Thank you Ant1ka

Today we are sad to announce that one of the key members of the team and one of the best players in the world, Anna Ant1ka Ananikova is no longer a part of the RES Gaming team.

The RES Gaming family strives to encourage and motivate strong individuals and perfomers to do their absolute best in all games and sports and we appreciate all that Anna has contributed to the team. We have no doubt that she will flourish in her future endeavors within the world of eSports and beyond.

“It’s hard for me to understand that I’m no longer a part of the team that I’ve been for a year and half. It has been an unforgettable time for me. I would like to give a special thanks to zAAz for taking me in and a big shoutout to juliano, potter and vilga for being my teammates. I will miss you all and I love you vilga! Thanks to RES gaming for the oppurtunity and everything.Ant1ka, Former RES member.

“During these few months of competitive level with the team, I would say that Anna is one of the best CS female players out there. We reached a mutual agreement to allow her to pursue other opportunities and keep fighting for her own brand and hopefully find a new home. She has a warm personality and her contributions to the team will be remembered.

We will keep fighting to prove that we deserve our spot as the number one team in the world and we will share the latest addition to the lineup when the time is here.” Aras, Director Of Esport

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