Official statement and RES Gaming launch

E-sport is at the heart of the Emirates, Dubai.

Dubai, (18th January, 2018) The recently acquired 1,012,396 sqft of world class sporting facilities by The Royal Emirates Sports Academy is at the heart of the Emirates at Dubai Sport City. Along with scouting, nurturing and celebrating our traditional sports such as football, rugby, tennis and athletics, TRESA looks to the future with E-Sports.

During the last twenty years the demand for online gaming has grown faster than the global market itself. Therefore, in the Middle East region we seek to scout, groom and showcase some of the best talents. E-sports redefines the traditional mind-set of sport, however key competencies such as competitiveness, team work, communication skills and decision making still remain the yardstick of E-sport.

Today, we mark an important milestone as we launch RES Gaming. At RES Gaming we believe that E-sport is more than just a walk in the park, considering the high level of competition on the global stage. RES Gaming has put in years of research and study to highlight, follow and pick the world’s 5 best women gamers.

RES Gaming CS:GO Female 2018/2019

Zainab ‘zAAz‘ Turkie Sweden

Julia ‘juliano‘ Kiran Sweden

Christine ‘Potter‘ Chi United States of America

Ksenia ‘Vilga‘ Klyuenkova Russia

Anna ‘Ant1ka‘  Ananikova Russia

RES Gaming will travel the world in the coming year to compete in E-sport competitions and events. More information about upcoming tournaments and events will follow.

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